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This is over the top, Sport Singapore 

By Kannan Raj On Sunday (14 August) morning, CEO of Sport Singapore (SportSG) Lim Teck Yin made an incredible announcement which has now left TOC to conclude that Singapore’s national sports agency meant to promote sports is plain insensitive and downright demoralising to our other athletes currently in Rio for the Olympics. SportSG comes under the ambit of the Ministry …

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6 notable cases in Singapore you cannot comment after 15 August

Nominated Member of Parliament Kok Heng Leun on Wednesday submitted a Public Petition on the Administration of Justice (Protection) Bill which was signed by 249 individuals. (Electronic signatures are not allowed for such a petition, and so these people were required to sign the petition in person.) Those who have not heard of the Bill cannot be blamed. After all, it …

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Lee Weiling urges rethink on new laws and comments, “this current government is not like previous PAP governments”

Dr Lee Weiling, daughter of founder Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew has posted yet another controversial post for the ruling party, People’s Action Party (PAP) after her last Facebook post which described its party’s Secretary-General, Lee Hsien Loong as a “dishonourable son” and accused him of abusing power. Dr Lee and Mr Lee are siblings. She wrote in her post, “This …

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Schooling would probably get $650k out from the $1 million prize money for his Olympic gold

Joseph Isaac Schooling, Singapore’s sporting hero who won Singapore’s first ever Olympic gold medal will probably take back about half of his cash prize after deduction of mandatory contribution and taxes. The Multi-million Dollar Award Programme (MAP) which was introduced in 1990s, serves as an incentive scheme to reward medal winners in the South East Asian (SEA), Commonwealth, Asian and …

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