Roof was not lighted up with the image of Singapore's national flag during when it should.

NDP committee looking into why National Stadium’s roof failed to lit during NDP 2016

The National Day Parade committee is looking into why the roof of the National Stadium did not light up with the image of the Singapore flag during the National Day Celebration 2016.

As seen during the preview shows, the Singapore’s national flag was projected onto the roof of the 55,000 seated Sportshub, which act as a giant projector screen on both sides. However, the projector screen failed to work on the actual event when it should had during the recital of the National Pledge and singing of the National Anthem.

In response to media queries, the NDP 2016 Executive Committee said: “The Singapore flag was not projected onto the roof of the National Stadium during the Pledge-taking and singing of the National Anthem at the end of the (NDP), and we are in the process of ascertaining the cause.”

It added: “Celebrations still went on smoothly, and the NDP 2016 Executive Committee is heartened by the spirit of Singaporeans both at the National Stadium and at home celebrating our nation’s 51st birthday.”

Sports Hub did not comment to media queries, saying the NDP Executive committee would be responding on the matter.

Most individuals who viewed the show live on their mobiles or TV would likely be unaware of this glitch because Mediacorp broadcasted a version of the footage which showed the LEDs of the roof lighted up.

live channel 5
“live” footage of the fireworks

This year’s parade marked a return to the National Stadium after 10 years due to the long duration of time required to build the new stadium which had been plagued with over budget and other issues.

The parade at Sporthub this year cost $39.4 million, with the venue cost making up 15 per cent of the total bill. In comparison, previous parades held at the Marina Bay Floating Platform cost between S$15.7 million and S$17.9 million.