Source : The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Indonesia page.

Countering cross-border movement of terrorism held in Bali

The International meeting of Countering Cross-Border Movement of Terrorism was held in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia on 10 August 2016.

Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Menko Wiranto stated in his speech that the countering of the terrorism acts required bilateral, regional and global cooperation which involves international organisation.

He also said that “lone-wolves” phenomena is groups of terrorists which were former ISIS terrorists or other radical groups who returned to their hometown and some others were extremists who spread their networks through social media. They tend to move across the border and serious action needs to be made to prevent such measures.

The meeting which was held in cooperation with Indonesia and Australia was attended by 35 countries and 2 international organisation including United Nation’s representation.

Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs A. M Fachir said that in 2014, terrorism acts had claimed the lives of 32,000 people, 30 percent higher than the previous year. He also said that currently there are 33,000 people involved in ISIS from over than 100 countries.

Indonesia has been known to be the hometown of famous terrorists, such as Santoso, Aman Abdurrahman and Imam Samudra.

In 14 January, a bomb attack struck Jakarta and 8 people were killed. A suicide bomber also attacked Solo and injured a policeman on 5 July.

Last Friday (6 August), Indonesian Police arrested 6 people from a terrorist group Katibah GR who had planned to attack Marina Bay Sands with rockets from Batam, Indonesia.

Fachir said that the main point in holding the meeting is that to synchronise perception about preventing the funding of terrorism acts, create Regional Risk Assessment, and to form strategies in preventing the funding of terrorism acts.

Therefore, a mechanism like Regional Risk Assessment, strengthening of Financial Intelligence Unit, and to raise awareness of the acts’ fundings are needed to reinforce the countering of terrorism acts, Fachir said.