Photo from Azmi Suarez's Facebook account

Dead body found floating near Woodlands Waterfront Jetty

Netizen Azmi Suarez was playing Pokemon Go on Sunday morning near Woodlands Waterfront Jetty, when he saw a body floating on the water .

He posted photos on his Facebook page showing the body floating facedown. He posted the pictures at about 11am this morning from Woodlands Waterfront Park and captioned them: “Early morning finding Pokemon. Suddenly find dead body. Rest in peace whoever you are”.

Photos of the body were also posted on his Facebook album.

SCDF personnel as well as a number of passers-by can be seen around the jetty.

SCDF was alerted at about 9.45am on 7 August to a case of a body floating on water off Woodlands Waterfront Jetty, said an SCDF spokesperson.

Upon arrival, SCDF personnel retrieved the body manually.

The deceased was a female who looked to be in her 30s and was pronounced dead by paramedics.

Stomper Lee who was cycling near the jetty at around 9.30am also reported seeing the body.
Lee also saw SCDF personnel and divers at the scene retrieving the body.

There’s no further information yet on the deceased.