Pokémon Go officially launched in Singapore

Source : crystalinks.com

After weeks of waiting, Pokémon Go is finally officially launched in Singapore today (6 August). Fans of the game can download it from Apple and Google Play store.

The official account Twitter of the game announced the news at around 8 am this morning.

The much anticipated game was launched initially in New Zealand and Australia on 6 July. For the first time in Asia, the game was released in Japan on 22 July.

This game uses the smartphone GPS to reflect locations in the real world in its virtual map, which have been tailored for certain purposes in the game. This game encourages its users to explore their real-life neighbourhoods. You can capture Pikachu in a wild or go to shop to collect PokéBalls.

Despite the fact that game encourages people to be active by going out of their houses, the game also brought negative impacts. Ranging from lack of awareness and criminals exploiting the Pokémon spots to stake out potential victims.

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There are also concerns about how individuals will unwillingly trespass into restricted areas and intrude into the privacy of others.

Earlier on 24 July, Minister of Communications and Information Yaacob Ibrahim said that the launch of the game must not harm lifestyles or the way things have been done in the country, “We have to study very, very carefully whatever that is brought into Singapore. We will monitor the situation, how this particular game is being played and its impact on society.”

He added, “And if it’s really something which we should be concerned about I think MDA (the Media Development Authority) will definitely decide on what are the things we can do best, if the game is really needed here, how… we can do it in such a way that it becomes a win-win situation.”


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