People were waiting for train during the delay at Ang Mo Kio station on 2 August (Source : Trei See Twitter)

Three train tracks delayed due to the faulty tracks enraged commuters

SMRT enraged commuters for having three delayed train service due to track fault in two of its lines, the North-South and East-West lines.

SMRT tweeted the first fault on 7.54 pm yesterday morning. There was no train service between Boon Lay and Joo Koon due to track fault.

SMRT then tweeted that free shuttle bus services and free regular bus from Boon Lay to Joo Koon was provided.

Almost an hour later, another tweet was published, saying that the train is still not available and they expected fot it to resume at 9.30 am.

At 8.37 am, it said that the train is back on service and the free bus services are still available.

An hour later, SMRT stated that the free regular bus and free shuttle bus service have ceased.

A twitter user commented that the excuse in unacceptable.

train fault 1

At 7.58 that morning, another train fault occured. This one took place at North South Line, between Yishun and Woodlands due to a track fault.

20 minutes later, SMRT tweeted that the service has resumed with additional 10 minutes travelling time due to the earlier fault.

At 8.57 am, it said that another 5 minutes additional time was still needed.

The train ran normally at 9.35 am that morning.

Sim Yew Teck said in anger that the info given by the SMRT was not accurate and he had been stuck in that particular train for 30 minutes.

yishun woodlands

SMRT alerted the commuters on another delay trip. The North-East line from Ang Mo Kio to Admiralty towards Jurong East experienced 15 minutes additional travelling time.

SMRT tweeted that its engineers were fixing another track fault issue.

Around 20 minutes after the tweet about the fault in the NSL line, SMRT said that the train had ran normally.

Teri See posted a picture showing the massive queue at the Ang Mo Kio station.

ang mo kio

Patrick Nathan, the SMRT’s vice-president for corporate information and communications, said that the trackside signalling equipment lost power for the EWL disruption. SMRT is still investigating the cause of the power fault, he added to TODAY’s queries.