Public advised to expect extra security measures for this year’s NDP

Audience of the National Day Parade (NDP) are warned of longer waiting time due to extra security measures that will be put in place at the SportsHub due to increased terror threats around the world.

This year’s National Day will be the first of the next 50 years of our Singapore story and will address the Singapore of tomorrow as was said by BG Liow, who is also Chief Armour Officer. Headquarters. The Armour division of the Singapore Armed Forces is the organiser of this year’s NDP.

While SG50 was sadly focused on dwelling over Singapore’s past achievements, NDP is 2016 more forward-looking.

Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen said to reporters during the NDP preview that extra security measures will be put in place for this year’s NDP in light of the increased terror threats worldwide.

He also said that the police have encouraged spectators to show up earlier to go through security screening.

At the second NDP preview – the final rehearsal before the actual event on Aug 9 – 30 July, one could feel that security was already tightened.

“Added security checks are something that Singaporeans have to live with, and terrorists must not be allowed to disrupt everyday life.”, he Defence Minister advised. “Let’s carry on with life. That is, I think, the most robust and resilient way to say that we will not allow terrorists to disrupt our way of life,”

NDP 2016 Theme Song, Tomorrow’s Here Today, is an anthem said to represent the anticipation of Singapore’s future was featured in the second NDP preview. Some interesting facts about the NDP 2016 theme song can be read from the Yahoo news here.

Chairman of the Parade and Ceremony Committee, Colonel Alvin Yeo, said: “The participants have expressed their desire to continue to play a part in the NDP to put on a dignified parade, we are encouraged by their spirit and commitment, and in standing together as Singaporeans even in the face of adversity.”