Kind-hearted makcik sweeps floor in front of lift, so people would not fall

Kind-hearted makcik sweeps floor in front of lift, so people would not fall

Saleemah Ismail shared a picture on her Facebook, featuring her mother sweeping the floor in front of a lift. “Here’s my mother, caught in action, sweeping away the ponding, handbag swinging, at midnight after a late Hari Raya visit,” Saleemah wrote.

When asked why her mother has always done it for so many years, she said that she is afraid her neighbors who are in a hurry might fall and break their bones, especially an elderly woman on her floor and a nurse-neighbor who is always rushing to work.

Saleemah also said that her mother even swept the floor of the lift when she noticed that there is pee inside. Her mother said that it was no big deal for her to do such things for the common area and has been doing such sweet actions for the community for many years.

Many people praised the woman for what she has done for the community.

“The caring nature that we all should emulate as a human being,” said Rashid Kassim Rashid.

Anne Chiang wrote that she appreciated her attitude for doing the action by herself instead of blaming the government. “She is so kind. I love her attitude. She sees a need and just steps in to do what she can, instead of grumbling why the floor is so badly made that ponding happens. Nowadays we see people increasingly complaining, condemning and finding fault about life here, about FTs, about the govt not doing its part when they do not lift a finger personally to help anyone or to make any kind of positive change. It’s like a cancer of discontent in society, sucking out the goodness and spreading negativity.
It’s so heartening to know there are people like your mum who will go into action in an instant, without even taking the time to change her clothes or put down her handbag,” she wrote.

Some reminded Saleemah to report to the Housing Development Board (HDB) since the maintenance of the building is part of its responsibility.

“Great heart your mummy has but she need not be doing this. Do highlight to HDB as it is their responsibility to rectify the issue. Had the same problem too but now it’s solved,” Daniel Yong wrote.

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