Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (right) interacted with Ang Mo Kio residents and observed the various road safety activities that took place / photo:

Enthusiastic responses to PM Lee’s invitation #InviteMeToNDR

“What would you do if you could be PM for 12 hours?” That was the question posed to launch a contest for citizens to attend this year’s National Day Rally.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) is holding the social media contest using the hashtag #InviteMeToNDR. The annual event will be held on 21 August from 6.45 pm at the ITE College Central.

“Deadline for entries is this Sunday, Jul 31,” the PMO team wrote. “The best responses will be invited to NDR 2016 as PM’s social media guests.”

“What would you do if you could be PM for 12 hours?”

rally-PM Lee

In just a couple hours of the posting, there were immediate responses to Mr Lee’s post. Some were altruistic in nature, some were just self-centred.

Either way, the ideas that came streaming in seemed to be made in the name of good fun, and thankfully, Mr Lee is still Prime Minister.

Here is some of the ideas:

Mustafa Ali Khan If I could be PM for 12 hours
1. Education: focus on investigative and application based approach.
2. Medium Case Courts: cheap affordable justice for contract/ disputes valued between $50,000 to $150,000
3. Small Claims court: raise disputed value to below $50,000
4. Acra: requires complete revamp. Merge with IRAS
5. Lower / medium income families: more help to train, educate and lift their skills levels so they can get better paying jobs
6. Health: more help for those who can’t afford it.

Victor Lim

1. Hope to have more car-lite areas & cycling during holiday and weekend.
2. To improve the driving behaviour and road safety resposibility of all dangerous & reckless drivers, thru’ more stringent refreshment courses to redeem their demerit points.
3. More measures & heavy punishment to deter unethical investment company cheating investors.
4. Encouraging more members of public to watch out for litter bugs, cigarette butts litter, participating more on our existing volunteer clean & green activities organised by our CC.
5. Encourage fellow Singaporeans, neighbours, PR, foreigners to communicate more, accommodate, love, care, for each other to build a more caring & inclusive multi-racial community.
6. Support constructive politics, good policies, good & economical housing, good character building & continue education, for all ages, maintain racial harmony with social cohesion.
7. To keep Singapore peace & prosperity and to continue the legacy of our late founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and his pioneer team had contributed.

Zea Hazy
1. Reduce my income
2. Check on ministers and ensure that they “walk their talk.”
3. Assess S’pore’s Foreign policy and ensures that policies made or prepared best suit our interest and aims to achieve a win-win situation.
4. Reinforce relations with fellow Sporeans to maintain the trust accorded to me.

Koh Jin Jie
Good evening Mr Lee,I am JinJie,a 15-year-old student currently studying in AHS(Anglican high school).If i was given an opportunity to be PM for 12 hours,i will host a dialogue with representatives of different social status.The dialogue will provide me with information in making beneficial policies for my Singaporeans.Given only 12 hours,i believe it is only realistic that i can only carry out these short-term actions that can cause a long term change?

Sudeep Honnavar
If I could be the Singapore PM for 12 hours, these are 3 primary aspects that I would love to focus on –
1. Look to implement a Solar farm across the rooftops of all of our HBDs, with focus on the technology which is developed and manufactured in Singapore.
2. Make healthcare cheaper / free for all of our elders (aged > 65 years) along with promise to at least provide food for all 2 times a day.
3. More than providing money for children, provide nutritious food for our children in schools – Drives 2 aspects a) – incentive for kids to look forward to coming into school and b) keep our younger generation healthy

Koh Eng Chiew
If I could be PM for 12 hours:
1. I will plan more visit to the lower income citizen staying at HDB 1 & 2 room flat.
2. To build more small shop cheaper rent held lower income citizen to become shop owner.
3. Age 65 above free ride for MRT & BUS.
4 . help the poor citizen to find job & medical fee

David Sher
I’ll divide my 12 hrs into 3 parts:
1. Morning, have breakfast with family and drive (see how jammed the traffic) them to work and school.
2. Lunch meeting MTI and MOM on how to boost our economy and employment, and
3. Dinner with representatives of ISIS (if they accepted our invitations). FAMILY, ECONOMY and SECURITY, my major concerns for Singapore

Ryu Chan
omg where got time to do so many things as PM for 12 hours, people got to be realistic here, maybe i call Argentina PM whether she can send some spiny ant eater to Singapore to get rid of those ants that are becoming much of a pest these day. I will likely to raise GST to a certain percentage so that i can use these extra % tax to fund free public transport for all people including foreigners, handicapped. I will change the electoral system to a system whereby PM is elected by the people and not by party.

Sheryl Lim
I’ll invite myself to Istana and dine with Mr and Mrs President and the real PM, PM LHL. Never tour Istana before because the queue is always too long during the few public holidays when it’s open.
I’ll reinstate the old PSLE model – past or fail and posted to which school.
I’ll enforce schools to offer CCA to students based on interest and not on competitive edge.
I’ll eradicate school ranking so that school administrators are not hung up on results and results only.
I’ll abolish higher Chinese, higher Malay, higher Tamil and higher whatever.
I’ll get rid of DSA to get into elite schools.
I’ll make Town councils provide recycling bins for different materials in every HDB block.
I’ll promote roof top farming in HDB estates and give incentives to farmers for their startups.
I’ll raise awareness of abuses to children, elderly, maids, animals and the handicapped and encourage anonymous reporting.
I’ll provide more incentives to small enterprises without cumbersome conditions.
Hopefully I can do all these in 12 hours.

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