Daily Archives: 2016-07-30

Government seeks views on Vulnerable Adult Bill 2016

After the infamous case of Yang Yin came to light, of how he allegedly misappropriated money from a wealthy widow and the public furor that followed, the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) is holding a public consultation to get feedbacks from members of public about the protection of the elderly, especially for those who are living alone. Singapore’s …

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Media Literacy Council welcomes its 17 new members

The Minister for Communication and Information Yaacob Ibrahim appointed 17 new members to the 30-member Media Literacy Council on 27 July, and that among them is its Chairman, Mr Lock Wai Han. Mr Lock is the former director of Criminal Investigations Department (CID). Mr Lock also has served in various other Government agencies in leadership positions including Commissioner of Immigration & Checkpoints Authority and …

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Enthusiastic responses to PM Lee’s invitation #InviteMeToNDR

“What would you do if you could be PM for 12 hours?” That was the question posed to launch a contest for citizens to attend this year’s National Day Rally. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) is holding the social media contest using the hashtag #InviteMeToNDR. The annual event will be held on 21 August …

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Remember Nizam: A Celebration in Music

Pioneering musician. Award-winning filmmaker. All-round loveable guy. The local music, movie and creative scenes were devastated when, on 14 June, influential DIY figure, Abdul Nizam Hamid, unexpectedly passed away from liver, lung and pancreatic cancer. Nizam, as his friends called him, was only 50. Bonded in grief, his friends have come together to organise a special tribute concert to this …

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