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Air Asia: No free tickets for online survey

Over the past week or so, a survey was spread online via social media that AirAsia is giving away free tickets to those who is willing to spend some time to fill in a survey about the airline and to share the “offer” with their friends on Facebook.

However, AirAsia has declared on its Facebook page, that the survey was not conducted by the company or any of its affiliation, therefore, members of public are to be aware of this.

The survey consists of three questions. The first is whether the victim has traveled with the airline.

question 2

The second one is whether the victim has ever taken a trip on a first class.

question 2 real

The last one is the satisfaction of the Air Hostess behaviour.

Question 3

After answering the question this window will appear

fake form

But when the writer hit submit, this window appeared


On several pictures that people posted about the offer, the amount of the remaining free tickets always shows 144.

A Facebook user, Calvin Yee, asked the company about the validity of this survey and AirAsia answered, ” Hi Calvin, please note that this is a scam which uses the AirAsia brand without authorisation, to lure the public to participate in its scheme. We advise the public to disregard such invitations and AirAsia shall not be held liable for any claims pertaining to the false scheme. Thank you.”

AirAsia was said to have lodged police report on the matter and said that the company will not hesitate to take any legal action against individuals or groups involved in organising illegal schemes using the AirAsia brand.

It is unknown what information is being obtained via this “scam” or what are the motives but just be warned that there is no “free tickets” at the end of this survey.