Daily Archives: 2016-07-09

Building authority announces new safety regulations for lifts and escalators

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) announced on Friday (July 8) that new safety regulations for lifts and escalators will start on July 25 this year. Changes to the safety regulations for lifts The new safety regulations will see a new maintenance regime for public passenger lifts that includes 20 maintenance requirements tied to key outcomes. Most of these – 18 …

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Glass panels fall from fifth floor of condominium in Whampoa

Glass panels from the fifth floor of Cradels @ Whampoa, a condominium in Balestier Road crashed to the ground at 2.32 pm on July 8, fortunately no injuries were being reported. Ms. Shuli Sudderudin, 31, who lives in a condominium beside the affected condominium, said that she heard a loud crash when she was at home. She went out from her house about half …

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