Daily Archives: 2016-07-07

Yet another Facebook user banned for posting critical text about Singapore police

Earlier this month on July 3, former political Internal Security Act detainee and lawyer, Teo Soh Lung posted a post on her Facebook account depicting her ordeal during the police investigation of her alleged violation of the Parliamentary Election Act during the recent Bukit Batok By-election, and how the police swarmed her home to take away her personal effects against her …

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People’s Power Party’s statement on defective trains from China

People’s Power Party (PPP) has issued a press statement on the recent saga surrounding trains that were manufactured by a Chinese supplier and being secretly sent back due to defects found on the carriages. Below is PPP’s press statement in full People’s Power Party is shocked to read all the various reports that have come in with regards to the 26 …

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LTA: Trains on North-South and East-West Lines safe for service

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has issued a press release on Wednesday evening to address some of the issues relating to the 26 North-South and East-West Lines (NSEWL) trains that had defects found on them, emphasizing that the trains on NSEWL are safe for service. It was earlier reported on Tuesday by FactWire, an investigative news agency that defective trains were secretly returned …

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Are government subsidized medications really subsidized?

By Hardeep Saini A concerned patient about 80 years old contacted me recently about the cost of some medications prescribed to him/her and expressed the unhappiness about the subsidies offered for the medications in Singapore. I embarked on a research trip to inform myself what this subsidy of prescription medication was about and also took the undertaking to familiarize myself with …

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