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LTA: Defects of trains not safety-critical, SMRT: Defects will be repaired by 2023

In response to the news of SMRT Trains Ltd (SMRT) secretly sending 35 defective train carriages back to its manufacturer in June, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has posted on its Facebook page, saying that it had been working closely with the train manufacturer and that the defects are not safety-critical. Just today, FactWire News Agency, a watchdog news organization released an …

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Did SMRT and LTA hide defects of China manufactured trains?

FactWire News Agency, a watchdog news organization has just released an exclusive report on 35 train carriages belonging to local train operator, SMRT Trains Ltd (SMRT) being shipped back to its manufacturer on 12 June due to alleged existing defects. In its report, FactWire verified and documented the whole transportation after being tipped off by a mainland source in the railway industry …

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The Fight Against Radical Islam in Singapore

“ISIS attacks Muslims and Islamic holy sites, therefore they have nothing to do with Islam,” or so the argument goes. To say that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam would be akin to saying that the Crusades had nothing to do with Christianity. Attacks like the one in Medina prove that the biggest victims of Radical Islam are none …

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Who said property cooling measures may never be lifted?

By Property Soul I read with bewilderment the article from Singapore Property Review titled “An inconvenient truth: Property curbs may never be lifted, analysts warn”. “The report argued that unless property prices plunge suddenly and dramatically, buying curbs may not be lifted in order to substantially reduce Singapore’s unhealthy fixation with real estate.” This remark from the Maybank Kim Eng …

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Is Singapore ready to be more forgiving to youthful mistakes?

In conjunction with Youth Day, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong posted a jump-shot picture on his Facebook post along with the statement: “Your dreams today can become your passions tomorrow. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, because that’s the beauty of being young. You can experiment, try things out, and discover what you can be. The future often looks daunting, but …

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Public car park rates will be increased for the first time in 14 years

Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and Housing and Development Board (HDB) has announced that public car park rates will be increased and made effective on 1 December at end of this year after it held a review on the rates. This increase of parking rates for public car park charges for both short-term and season parking will be the first increase in …

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