Singapore actress, Rui En Fined for careless driving

Local television actress, Rui En was fined S$700 for a charge of careless driving after pleading guilty on Friday (1 July), without being disqualified from driving.

The 35-year-old actress was charged with one count of driving without due care and attention after knocking a stationary motorcycle at April 12. She had nothing to say in defense.

The prosecution had sought a fine of $600 to $800 and a driving ban of three to four months.

However, District Judge Carol Ling was not inclined to impose a disqualification period. She said there was no personal injury incurred and the accident caused only a slight property damage.

According to Deputy Public Prosecutor Shahla Iqbal, Rui En was on her way home at 4.16 pm when she took a turn into a parking lot and failed to control her BMW. The accident took place in a car park near Block 331, Clementi Avenue 2.

She mounted a kerb and hit a parking motorcycle owned by 52-year-old Bahrom Sarmiten. She offered $2000 to him in cash and hoped to settle things privately, but the driver refused, thinking that it would not cover the extensive damage to his bike.

Rui En 1

Although the case was settled with only a fining of $700, she could have been jailed for up to six months and/or fined up to S$1000.

She told the reporters outside the court that she would bear full responsibility for her mistake. She also said that she was very relieved because she can finally put this matter down.

“I am actually very relieved … because I can finally put this down and let it go,” said the actress in English. “I will bear full responsibility for my mistake, and I will be cautious to not let such a thing happen from now on.”

“As for the people whom I’ve caused problems to or caused inconvenience to due to this mistake, such as my company Hype Records, my friends and my family, I can only say I’m very, very sorry,” she added.

“And moving on, I will really, really hope to improve, and I really hope to come back better, stronger and to give you guys a new Rui En.”

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