Daily Archives: 2016-06-29

Why I support a Second Referendum

By Tan Wah Piow Britain is split – between social classes, regions and age groups. For the under-25s, the majority of whom who voted for Remain, felt betrayed by the over-60s, the majority of whom were for Leave. As one young under-graduate wrote “my generation is now denied the right to live and work in 27 other countries”. The overwhelming majority …

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Thoughts on the “RETURN MY CPF!” movement

By Chris Kuan If the government abolish the minimum sum and return your CPF. then what? More to the point what are you going to do to receive a stream of income when you are retired? I am not sure those who shouted RETURN MY CPF the loudest know or bother to find out. The more astute would answer “you …

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Markets stabilise following two days of selling

By Margaret Yang, CMC Markets Equity markets embraced the first rebound on Tuesday after two days of selling. The FTSE 100 and DAX indices both opened higher, finishing the day with 2.64% and 1.93% gains respectively. Sterling has also rebounded mildly from a 30-year-low. Is this a good ‘buy’ opportunity, or a chance to double the shorts? The market has …

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