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SDP calls for MND to give a full account of lift mishaps

In a media statement issued by Mr John Tan, Vice-Chairman of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), the party calls for the Ministry of National Development to give a full account of lift mishaps at HDB blocks. The party notes that even after Deputy Prime Minister, Tharman’s promise to improve lift safety in response to a lift incident where an elderly woman’s hand was severed, …

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SADPC: Gather passions and determination to reform the criminal justice system

By M Ravi, Co-founder of SADPC The recent hanging of Kho Jabing despite exhausting all legal avenues was a dampener. There are insurmountable obstacles staring down at those amongst us who take up the dogged fight of standing up for the repeal of the death penalty in Singapore. The amendments to the Penal Code in 2013 following the celebrated judgement of Yong Vui Kong which spared him from the gallows, allowing judges …

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Markets returns to a cautious mode ahead of the Fed and BOJ meetings

By Margaret Yang, CMC Markets Equities – Asian equities closed lower on Friday, ending a three-week rally. A cautious mood is surrounding the market, as nobody wants to take too much risk ahead of the FOMC and BOJ meetings this week. A stronger dollar and softened commodity prices are further reasons behind the selling. Crude oil prices fell 5% in …

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WSQ Course Material on Retrenchment: Making a Mockery of Meritocracy

Meritocracy; a society where the citizen is rewarded not on the basis of his last name or his connections, but purely on his own merit. Meritocracy has always been a core tenant of many Government speeches and Social Studies textbooks. In 2012, Prime Minister Lee reminded the members of his party of the role meritocracy plays in our society. “I …

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