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Singapore’s public servants to be cut off from internet at their work soon?

Straits Times reported on Wednesday that all computers used officially by public servants in Singapore will be cut off from the Internet from May next year to tighten data security.

The newspaper states that it had learnt about a memo going out to all government agencies, ministries and statutory boards in Singapore about the Internet blockade a year from now.

It is said that about 100,000 computers that are currently in use by the public service will all be affected.

The memo is not being shared on the report.

When contacted by ST about the matter,  a spokesman for the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) said, “The Singapore Government regularly reviews our IT measures to make our network more secure”.

ST also shared that web surfing can be done only on the employees’ personal tablets or mobile phones as these devices do not have access to government e-mail systems and public servants will be allowed to forward work e-mails to their private accounts, if they need to.

It is said that dedicated Internet terminals have been issued to those who need them for work. This is somewhat similar to the Singapore Armed Force’s practice to have a dedicated intranet and individual terminals connected to the internet.

Trials is reported to have been started with some employees within the IDA – the lead agency for this exercise – as early as April.