Daily Archives: 2016-06-03

Problem is not about state organs being politically biased but a party that cannot tolerate criticism

By Daryl, Teng Yong Ping The recent actions of the Elections Department (ELD) and the Singapore Police Force (SPF) against Roy Ngerng and Teo Soh Lung don’t just show that election regulations are unfairly enforced. They are merely another symptom of a political system where dissenters are regularly targeted and beaten down by the state. Netizens have expressed outrage over the …

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Dormitory operator’s illegal profits should be confiscated in addition to $300,000 fine

By Philip Ang I refer to Channel News Asia’s “Dormitory operator fined S$300,000 for housing foreign workers in overcrowded conditions”. K T Mesdorm was fined $300,000 for exceeding its housing limit of 4500 foreign workers at the Blue Stars Dormitory by 542 residents. Somehow, the fine seems totally disproportionate to the offence. Hmm.. perhaps the judge forgot an additional ‘0’? Assuming …

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A Tribute to Said Zahari; Memorial ceremony on 4 June 2016

By Teo Soh Lung IT MUST HAVE been in the early 1970s that I first heard of the name “Said Zahari”. A friend had brought several copies of a little poetry book called Poems from Prison to a gathering. I bought a copy and took another copy to sell to a Catholic priest. I was surprised at his reaction. He …

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Teo Soh Lung: Can I expect a fair-minded and independent investigation?

Below is the post made by Teo Soh Lung on her personal Facebook account about the experience she went through under the police investigation. She along with Roy Ngerng Yi Ling has been said to allegedly violated the Parliamentary Election Act by posting on their personal Facebook accounts in support of a candidate in the Bukit Batok By-Election during the …

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