Indonesian villagers help neighbour move house by literally moving it

For these villagers, moving house means manually carrying the entire building to its new location.

In a video posted by various Facebook pages on 12 May, an astonishing sight unravels as a group of villagers lift up a whole house on their shoulders and carry it away.

After a man at the front taps the wooden exterior of the house three times, giving the signal for the rest of the team, the crouched group of over twenty villagers stands up, with most balancing the house on their shoulders. In a swift motion, the house rises off the ground with its wooden stilts in midair.

The villagers then begin their move. They walk at a quick pace and carry the house to the opposite end of a grass field without any of them faltering.

The video is suspected to be filmed in Indonesia. In the past, moving entire houses to new spots was commonplace in areas of India and China. In this case, it is speculated that the move was to avoid an upcoming flood or landslide that would have wrecked the house.

Close to 40 thousand people have reacted to the video after it was posted on Facebook, with most expressing astonishment and many also commending the community spirit of the village people.

The video, less than a minute long, sums up what could be the quickest move ever for the house’s owner aided by the village community.