LOVE is the basis of everything

A response to Tan Kheng-Liang (Joseph)’s letter regarding Leow Yangfa’s plea to support Pink Dot.

We understand that Singapore is a multi-cultural and multi-religious society. In recent years, we saw that “religious” people from the community have been shaming the LGBTQ community through what they thought is the “WORD OF GOD”.

This is truly disrupting the peace that we had in Singapore. And yet through this act of disruption, the “Closed Minded Righteous” group even pointed fingers to the LGBTQ community stating that we destroy families due to the “unnatural” formation of families. But what exactly forms family? Isn’t love the foundation of everything? And every time when the LGBTQ community talks about LOVE, the “righteous” group will say that it is lust instead. I understand that an open conversation is pretty much important for a society. But having a group that keeps putting others off is an act of a bully.

In Singapore and any parts of the world, LGBTQ people are being bullied and also at any point of their life, names-calling exist. Parents taught their kids on words like “Ah-gua” and eventually educating our kids to be bullies. This is indeed a very sad situation in our societies. How will you feel when you experience names-calling? This may creates a barrier within the person’s emotional or/and psychological life.

Let us talk about HIV. Is HIV still a taboo to talk about in our daily lives? Are we still having the fear to this virus? In scientific reports, we do see breakthroughs in recent years and trusting that there will be a cure to this virus soon.

But people are still avoiding the topic of HIV. And this creates barriers. Information that was received from people varies. And there are still many myths circulating around regarding the virus. I have to say this is not a gay virus, but a virus that can be transmitted to anyone.

I do have friends (who are straight) that once mentioned to me that HIV is only for gays, straight will not be so “heng” to get it. So don’t really need to use condoms. Well, that is a myth! And this shows how much we need to educate the people (both straight and LGBTQ) regarding the virus. And even with the use of condoms, it do not 100% stop the risk but at least it reduces the risk of getting HIV. And towards the LGBTQ community, this is even harsher. They are seeking acceptance as a LGTBQ person and also love from the society and also themselves. And the amount of stress that each LGBTQ person is experiencing on their daily lives is something that no one will ever realised. (Not saying that this is an excuse but a reality.) I believed that with constant education, the percentage will dropped.

I understand that the writer went to some forums and noted on the negative side of the LGBTQ community. I am not saying that this does not exist. But this not only happens in the LGBTQ community but a community as a whole. There are many forums out there with threads that states straight guys taking under-skirt pictures. They are communities that specially targets on women and getting women as the mens object of pleasure.

Hence, are these the values that the community has been saying that it is okay and alright?

To me, the basis of everything (including values) is LOVE. LOVE yourself, LOVE the community and all things will be right. Family plays an important part in a development of a person. A person can be LGBTQ but yet is an upright and good person. And the values that are being cultivated into one self usually comes from family. Hence, with LOVE, it will holds families, and with the right values that are cultivated into one self, the society as a whole will be better. And with that in line, in Pink Dot, we celebrate LOVE. We welcome you with open arms in celebration of LOVE with us, at PINK DOT 2016 on 4th June 2016.
With LOVE, laws will change. But it is not going for the worst. But for the better tomorrow for all. And the only norm is LOVE. As LOVE is the backbone of everything.
Jacky Winson Sim
Founder of BeProud SG