Daily Archives: 2016-05-17

LOVE is the basis of everything

A response to Tan Kheng-Liang (Joseph)’s letter regarding Leow Yangfa’s plea to support Pink Dot. We understand that Singapore is a multi-cultural and multi-religious society. In recent years, we saw that “religious” people from the community have been shaming the LGBTQ community through what they thought is the “WORD OF GOD”. This is truly disrupting the peace that we had in …

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Tax, Benefits and Singapore’s barely useful triple A rating

By Chris Kuan Singapore government’s narrative of high European taxes without any reference to benefits makes for poor debate on welfare. To take a much more balanced approach to the issue, let us check with the UK Office of National Statistics for an appreciation of how much the British paid in taxes in relation to benefits received. Benefit spending In 2014, the …

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Firm in PUB project fails to pay S$1.2 million to sub-contractors

Clean energy firm Anaergia Pte Ltd failed to pay over S$1.2 million to sub-contractors involved in a project at a Public Utilities Board (PUB) water reclamation plant, raising concerns about corporate responsibility in such government research projects. The project, carried out at PUB’s Ulu Pandan water reclamation plant, aimed to use food waste to generate electricity. In order to do …

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