Response to Leow Yangfa’s plea to support Pink Dot

Below is a letter sent to TOC by a member of the public

By Tan Kheng-Liang (Joseph)

It is absurd to read Leow Yangfa’s plea for Singaporeans to come down to support Pink Dot.

In a nutshell, his plea revolves around the argument that many Singaporeans are unable to come down on their own accord because of factors such as societal norms. He thus pleads that we need to promote this “freedom to love” for society to move forward.

Yet for every person that supports Pink Dot,  there is another person who supports the opposing #wearwhite campaign. As a society, we cannot succumb to repealing S377A for the sake of the tyrannical minority who believe their alternative lifestyle should transcend the values enjoyed by our traditional norms.

As political leaders have pointed out, these homosexuals have the freedom to love in their private capacity and will not be subject to government intervention unless the rights of another individual are impinged on. The fact remains that strong evidence exists that the lifestyles of these homosexuals are impinging on mainstream society.

In recent statistics by the Ministry of Health, the number of homosexual and bisexual men infected with HIV (224) is more than heterosexual men (187) in 2014 despite the homosexual population being a minority. If we estimate that the gay and bisexual population to be approximately 10 to 15%, then it could be seen that homosexuals are six times more likely to transmit the disease.

A cursory visit to gay forums such as has shown that there are numerous gay men who visit public pools as a playground for them to engage each other in public premises. As reported in the media, numerous individuals have engaged in reckless sexual activities with under-aged boys.  What kind of values are we thus promoting when we accept these homosexuals as equals?

When society is ready, the laws will be what laws are meant to be: a reflection of cultural norms while guarding the safety of society.