New unified rank structure for police starting in July

From this July onwards, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) will implement a unified rank structure to allow for faster career progression for its officers.

Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law K Shanmugam outlined this new rank structure at the SPF Workplan Seminar held last month.

“A Police career has to be meaningful and exciting, one that is able to attract and retain good people,” he said.

“SPF will implement a new unified rank structure, and expert tracks in specialist domain areas. We have decided to invest more in our police officers to support their learning and professional development.”

The move allows all officers in the SPF to start on common ground on the same career track, regardless of whether an individual is a graduate or non-graduate.

Currently, non-graduates start as lower-ranking junior officers. For a polytechnic diploma holder, it can currently take up to 18 years to become an inspector, which is the starting rank for a degree-holder.

Additionally, officers on expert tracks in specialist domain areas will begin to be appointed around September this year. These officers will work in areas of investigations, intelligence or special operations.

The SPF aims to recruit more newcomers as well as to retain experienced talent through the new rank structure.

“Attracting suitable men and women to join the police force is not easy and this has become even more challenging with the shrinking resident workforce,” said SPF’s director of manpower and Senior Assistant Commissioner Tan Hung Hooi.