Daily Archives: 2016-05-04

Healthcare cooperative for elderly and sandwiched class: Murali

The People’s Action Party’s (PAP) candidate for the Bukit Batok by-election Murali Pillai shared his plans to launch a healthcare cooperative for the residents of the single-member constituency. Speaking to the press after a walkabout on 1 May, Mr Murali zoomed in on the healthcare needs of the elderly and “sandwiched class” residents. “This idea of the healthcare co operative …

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Murali outlines mentoring programme for Bukit Batok youths

Speaking to reporters on 3 May after a walkabout, the People’s Action Party (PAP) candidate for the Bukit Batok by-election Murali Pillai outlined a youth mentoring programme as mentioned in his manifesto. “In Bukit Batok, in my experience here, I’ve noted that the child’s ability to succeed, to a large extent, depends on the family support,” Mr Murali said. “Some …

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Will “sell in May” happen this year?

By Margaret Yang, CMC Markets Equities – It was not a very optimistic start to the month for equity markets, after the Nikkei’s 3% plunge on the first trading day in May. The rest of the Asian markets generally closed lower after resuming trading following Labour Day, except for Australia and China. The ASX 200 index surged 2.1% as the …

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