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“Dr Chee, are you a hypocrite?”

Reporters quiz Dr Chee Soon Juan on the issue of not wanting to bring up former Bukit Batok MP David Ong who vacated his seat in parliament and resigned from the PAP due to an alleged extramarital affair. One reported asked if he had read the statement by PM Lee Hsien Loong and proceeded to give Dr Chee a rundown …

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On May Day, Dr Chee proposes retrenchment insurance for Singaporean workers

“You wish everybody a Happy May Day,  but are workers here truly happy? They are worried sick about retrenchment.” – Dr Chee Soon Juan After his walkabout on May Day, Dr Chee gave an impassioned door-stop interview where he spoke at length about his plans for Singaporean workers who were retrenched or who were at risk of being retrenched. Dr …

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Dr Chee Soon Juan: Meet-the-people session one time a week is not enough

Dr Chee Soon Juan, Secretary-General of the Singapore Democratic Party and candidate for the Bukit Batok SMC by-election answered questions posed by the press at the mediastop after his walkabout at the Bukit Batok Market, about his stance on being a full-time Member of Parliament should he be elected. What are the things that Dr Chee feels need to be …

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No ‘H’ (as in Hypocrites) In ‘PAP’, Only ‘P’s…Aplenty

By Law Kim Hwee The Secretary-General of People’s Action Party (PAP) did not mince his words in condemning the candidate of Bukit Batok SMC By-election and Secretary-General of Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), Dr Chee Soon Juan by saying that he is  ‘‘completely hypocritical’ SDP Sec-Gen’s action of getting his ‘guys to say all the bad things, you come along and you …

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On Having a Voice: Why Bother?

By Selena Tan I write as I feel the distance. The Bukit Batok by-election is approaching. I am not a Bukit Batok resident and I am a Singaporean who is not in Singapore. I write in support of the Singapore Democratic Party and with hope for another distinct voice in Parliament. During my discussions with friends throughout the 2015 general …

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Vote wisely if nothing will change

By Joe Cool Dear Bukit Batok Residents, In this by-election, you have a chance that many Singaporeans do not have. It is the chance to make things better. It is the chance to tell PAP that you don’t want to see any of our old folks picking cardboard. It is the chance to tell PAP that you don’t want our …

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