Mdm Halimah Yacob’s speech gets lambasted by netizens for character assassination

Last night at the People’s Action Party’s election rally for the Bukit Batok By-Election, Speaker of the Parliament, Mdm Halimah Yacob took the stage in support of the PAP candidate, Mr Murali Pillai.

She said in her speech, “Mr Goh Chok Tong was the prime minister at that time and he shouted at Mr Goh Chok Tong, I was shocked at a new candidate standing for election, to see a candidate behaving in that manner.”

At this point,  someone from the crowd shouted “”Gangster, he is a gangster!”

Mdm Halimah continued, “So you see, you make gloss over it and say well… that is not important but I never forgot. Particularly we are Asians , we are Singaporeans , we respect our elders , people who hold important positions , leaders, we still respect them regardless of the party that they are in. So that in my view was very sad . So it is not just a candidate with the right qualifications and the right skills you need to ask what are the values of the candidate , equally important.”

In the comments along with the video posted by Yahoo Singapore, many netizens criticised Mdm Halimah’s decision to attack on Dr Chee’s character in her speech.

Freddie Seah referred to the Yellow Ribbon Project and wrote, “She is also insulting all prisoners because once you make a mistake you are always consider a black sheep and cannot convert to a white sheep. Papies are saints because they wear white. Million dollar parrots.”

Cedric Tay wrote, “Dr Chee was in his Rally talking about how he will not go down the despicable route of personal attacks against David Ong and at the PAP rally, there’s nothing but personal attacks against Dr Chee… Scumbags.”

Rashid Hamid wrote, “Launching a personal attack to smear someone reputation just for the sake of gaining political mileage and traction is a cheap skate move and very disgusting indeed that warrant great condemnation from members of the public.personally, I don’t have any longer respect for her anymore.if given a choice between Mdm Halimah and Dr Chee i would vote for the latter Dr Chee.”

Niki Ng wrote, “She is the pot calling the kettle black. She should criticize David Ong first before she criticized other people. Put her house in order first!!”

Zulkarnain Hassan wrote, “I’m disappointed in Halimah, she should always be the better person, you’re not just a Malay but a representative of our religion. Our religion do not criticise but always see the good in people. Your condemnation of a person just reflects your own character.”

Farrah Neeza wrote, “This is EXACTLY the roles assigned for Malay MPs in Parliament,just to garner support from the Malay community, and at the same time being puppets to PAP dominant regime.Leave it makcik, the Shouting at Goh Chok Tong is not disrespecting the elderly, not when the former totally deserves it.”

Ridwan Mustafa wrote, “What a loser and yet 70% idiots believe them and yes what a disgrace to the malay community, she, yakult and others…”

Lakam Bhai wrote, “Looking at how these pappies attack CSJ (Chee Soon Juan) is really shameful! 20 yrs ago story all dig out! BB wouldn’t want to hear grandmother stories la! Talk abt wat they are going to offer to the residents. No point talking abt the past! Even CSJ did not dig out any stories from the previous MP. That case totally shameful!”

Jeenee Ng wrote, “Which is more serious? Shouting at people or sleeping with resident’s Wife? I do not mean to launch personal Attack but you guys have forgotten what was the reason to have this By-Election in Bukit Batok and attacking people for stuff that already happened more than 20 years ago. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.“

Namtose Ng wrote, “Can we stop all these personal attacks on Dr Chee. All these happened more than 20 yrs ago n in a spur of emotions. – Really NOTHING when compared to betraying brother/grassroots who has helped us so much … and sleep with his wife. .”

Stacy Teo wrote, “Chee shouted asking GCT where is the 5 billions to Indonesia without condition….and now no news of the money if it is returned…most likely down the drain again.”

Anson Joshua Be wrote, “I have a past too, so do everyone else, will pap dig our past up and give us no chance? but then when it comes to pap past, we have to be gracious and not to have a blame culture, shows how much pap has degraded to now…”

Howe Peek wrote, “Goh deserved to be shouted as he refused to answer the money that was supposed to loan to indonesia that had some questionable issues. His promise of Swiss standard of living turned out to be a hollpw dream.”

The comments go on with majority criticising Mdm Halimah for making such uncalled for remarks on Dr Chee.

Her speech can be seen at 3:00:00 of the video below

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