Reform Party Moves to Support the Singapore Democratic Party

The Reform Party has announced that it is the party’s decision that all members, including office holders of the Central Executive Committee, to be free in volunteering to help the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) during the Bukit Batok SMC by-election campaign.

In its press statement penned by Andy Zhu, RP’s chairman, the party states that its leadership actively encourages its membership to volunteer on the SDP campaign during this period should Dr Chee’s team see fit to use them.

This decision is said to have been imparted to the membership yesterday (28 April) and the party hopes that as many members as possible will lend their support.

“The Reform Party was created and set up by J B Jeyaretnam who brought an historic win for the Opposition in the Anson by-election in 1981. That win was brought about in part by an unusual degree of cooperation from the other Opposition parties. Barisan Socialis and the Singapore United Front even sent in their workers to help Mr Jeyaretnam in the battle for Anson.” wrote RP in their press statement.

RP states that it has made this decision in the Anson spirit and hopes that other parties will follow suit.

Visit here for Reform Party’s press statement