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Third MRT service disruption in a week and twice within 12 hours

This morning on 26 April, train service on the North-South Line (NSL) was disrupted for close to 20 minutes with no service from Woodlands to Kranji stations. This followed less than 12 hours after a 30-minute breakdown which affected the NSL, East-West Line (NSEWL) and Circle Line (CCL) the night before at 7.53 pm. [NSL]: No train service from #Kranji …

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SDP: Wrong for Murali to make Bukit Batok upgrading as an election issue

In a press statement released by the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) penned by Dr Paul Tambyah, the party reassured voters of Bukit Batok that all government agencies are non-partisan and will work with whoever is elected as MP for Bukit Batok SMC. The party noted that the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has already formulated a draft master plan which covers all the …

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Being asset rich, cash poor is shaping up to be the problem of the decade

By 99.co Let’s open up a can of worms: The issue of retirees with little or no income but who own valuable houses. As Singapore’s asset rich but aging population grows, the issue will become more apparent: We will have senior citizens, past retirement age, who have managed to pay off their mortgage. Some will have properties that range from …

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Market softens ahead of FOMC and BOJ decisions; Crude drops

By Margaret yang, CMC Market Commodities – Commodities traded lower on Monday, as traders became more cautious ahead of the FOMC and BOJ meetings this week. WTI oil futures closed 2.5% lower to $42.64 yesterday. Crude oil futures continued to consolidate as Kuwait’s post-strike production started to ramp up. Without a freeze plan, oil higher prices as compared to early …

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The paper lantern of elite education in Singapore

By Orean It is no secret that many parents pine for their children to be able to attend the top institutions in Singapore, where the teachers are top-notch, the lessons are of the highest quality and the promises of higher education are undeniable. As students of the top schools in Singapore, much attention is often turned towards conduct and learning, since …

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