SDP says it would consult residents on improvement projects instead of taking the decision away

Singapore Democratic Party has just released a press statement in response to People’s Action Party’s candidate, Mr Murali Pillai’s proposal of a new 3-Generation Park to be built at Bukit Batok SMC.

On Sunday morning, Mr Murali revealed a $1.9 million proposal to upgrade a precinct in the area and said that  the proposed upgrading will include a new 3-Generation Park and covered linkways in the precinct of Blocks 140 to 149 at Bukit Batok West Avenue 4.

He said, “It will allow grandparents to exercise while the children can play at the playground. Aside from the park, we want to improve a number of sheltered linkways that will connect 17 blocks to a shopping centre and market,”

SDP says it takes a different approach from the PAP candidate.

It wrote, “We see the need to consult the residents before committing so much of their own and other taxpayers’ money into such a project. The facilities must meet the needs and expectations of the residents. Such a huge undertaking requires due consideration of not just the cost of construction but also the cost of ongoing maintenance. Our social programmes are designed to meet such needs already.”

“If elected, our first move would be to hold void-deck forums to consult with residents on improvement projects instead of taking the decision away from them.”

Taking a jab at the apparent carrot hanging antics by the PAP candidate, SDP wrote, “As for linkways, the SDP’s stand is that any responsible MP would ensure such basic necessities are available to the residents and not made into an election issue.”

On Friday, SDP announced its four social programmes that it would launch if elected. (read more) However, it states that it would be unable to carry out the programmes even if it wants to because it would not be given the permission to do so.

Speaking to reporters at an exhibition to obtain further input from residents, Mr Murali said that he is seeking the mandate of the residents from the area in the upcoming by-election so that the plans can be carried out and that other plans for the area will be revealed in due course before Nomination Day on 27 April. This would probably signify to voters that if Mr Murali is not elected, the upgrading plans will not be carried out.