Mrs Chiam in response to SDP’s 2015 article, says no endorsement made for candidate in by-election.

Last night, Secretary General of Singapore People’s Party (SPP) and former Non-constituency member of Parliament, Mrs Lina Chiam clarified on her Facebook page that her husband, Mr Chiam See Tong has not given his endorsement for any candidate for the upcoming Bukit Batok by-election.

Mrs Chiam had made the clarification in response to an image that shows Mr. Chiam and Secretary General of Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), Dr. Chee Soon Juan featured in SDP’s newsletter, The New Democrat.

Below is a photo of the photo and article that Mrs Chiam referred to.


In response to Mrs Chiam’s Facebook post, Dr Wong Wee Nam, the author of the article noted that the image Mrs Chiam was referring to, was attached to an article recounting his effort to bring Mr Chiam back to SDP

He wrote “The image that Mrs Lina Chiam is referring to is an article in an issue of The New Democrat published in June 2015 which I had written. It recounts my effort in 2010 to try bring Mr Chiam back to the SDP.

I did this because I believe that the opposition should show greater unity and I have always tried to work towards that end. In this case it was not to be although to the SDP’s credit, it was open to the idea. The SDP was not seeking any endorsement from Mr or Mrs Chiam.”