Daily Archives: 2016-04-23

Mrs Chiam in response to SDP’s 2015 article, says no endorsement made for candidate in by-election.

Last night, Secretary General of Singapore People’s Party (SPP) and former Non-constituency member of Parliament, Mrs Lina Chiam clarified on her Facebook page that her husband, Mr Chiam See Tong has not given his endorsement for any candidate for the upcoming Bukit Batok by-election. Mrs Chiam had made the clarification in response to an image that shows Mr. Chiam and Secretary General …

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Decriminalising cannabis would harm ISIS: Italy prosecutor

Decriminalising cannabis would mean fighting against the Islamic State (IS) and the Italian Mafia, deduced Italy’s top prosecutor earlier this week. With the smuggling of cannabis by such organisations through eastern Libya, a move to decriminalise cannabis would reduce the incomes of both the terror group and Italian Mafia families. North African hashish is compressed cannabis resin. It is smuggled …

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Lee Hsien Loong’s missed opportunity

By Tan Wah Piow When Lee Hsien Loong led a delegation of 60 people to Israel this week, he should have invited Dr Ang Swee Chai to be on the delegation because she is the Singaporean who understands the Israel-Palestinian conflict better than anyone else in Singapore. The Singapore establishment has spent millions abroad trying to woo Singaporeans to bring …

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