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    PTE Dominique Sarron Lee’s brother decries the inadequacy of ‘punishments’
    By Ariffin Sha Published on by Ariffin Sha 0

    On the 4th anniversary PTE Dominique Sarron Lee’s passing, his brother, Daryl Shane, released a message dedicated to him on his Instagram account. In his message, which was dripping with sarcasm, he decried the inadequacy of the punishments dished out to the two Read More

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    Irresponsible handling of molestation case at PCF Sparkletots by principal, says parents
    By Terry Xu Published on by Terry Xu 0

    “Under seven, nothing can be done,” repeated a father, over and over again to the police officer who was called to the front of a pre-school centre at Jurong. The police officer had subtly threatened him that if he and his wife do Read More

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