Daily Archives: 2016-04-09

Budget Debate 2016: Cutting Through the Fog

By Chris Kuan The Straits Times reported that 10 out of 26 MPs who spoke during the Parliamentary Budget debate on 4 April 2016 repeatedly called for cautious spending. They expressed concerns that the healthy balance sheet, which projects a surplus of $3.45 billion, could inflate expectations among Singaporeans for more spending in the future. So here we go again. …

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The Attorney-General — What’s His Job?

By Tan Wah Piow   When the public disapproves of the government’s heavy-handed action against an individual critic, the blame is often leveled at the Prime Minister, or his ministers. At times the court too comes under criticism. But a post which has so far avoided much public scrutiny is that of the Attorney-General (AG). What exactly is his job? …

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Interview with Jason Soo, Director of 1987: Untracing the Conspiracy

by Yee Kai We speak to Jason Soo, whose new film is about Operation Spectrum, more commonly known as the ‘Marxist Conspiracy’, where 22 people were detained for allegedly plotting to establish a Marxist state in 1987. Jason’s past films include a short film on the May 13 Generation, where a peaceful demonstration from students of Chinese middle schools regarding …

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