Kindergarten teachers from PCF, have students bow to portrait of Lee Kuan Yew as sign of respect

A video posted on Facebook supposedly shows teachers at a kindergarten giving instructions to students on how to show respect to late Mr Lee Kuan Yew by bowing to a portrait of him.

The video was uploaded by Facebook user, “Tengmu Fuming” at 9am yesterday morning. Another video uploaded by this person shows a teacher saying why respect ought to be shown to Mr Lee.

In response to TOC’s query, he said that this kindergarten is under the People’s Action Party Community Foundation (PCF) at Whampoa Road Block 112.

A check using Google Maps shows a match between the said location and the background of the scene in the video.


The person said that he happened to chance upon the activity and decided to video the process. He said that he “feel it (is) not right”.

TOC made several attempts on Tuesday morning to reach out to the kindergarten for their response but was unable to reach the principal for comments. TOC has written to the PCF for its comments on the matter and will include their response when they reply.