Daily Archives: 2016-03-12

How life plays tricks on PAP and its words

In its traditional spirit of one-upmanship, the People’s Action Parry (PAP) has, once again, one-upped the WP. When the losing WP Candidate for Punngol East declined her NCMP seat, the PAP MPs came baying for blood. Ah, how the tables have turned. Members of Parliament from the ruling party walloped her and the Worker’s Party about her “lack of accountability” …

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SDP announces intention to contest in By-Election for Bukit Batok SMC

In a Statement to the Press from Dr Chee, the Singapore Democratic Party has expressed it’s intention to contest in the By-Election for Bukit Batok SMC that is to be held in due-course. In GE 2015, SDP’s candidate Sadasivam Veriyah garnered a quarter of the votes in the constituency in a three-way fight. Sadasivam was an ex Teacher and former …

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Singapore’s most expensive parking spots

With Singapore coming up to around 700 square kilometres in total area, land here is undoubtedly scarce, and so is parking space for cars. Scanning parking spots in town and the central business district (CBD) uncovers a number of the most expensive car parks around the country. Hilton Hotel along Orchard Road charges motorists $7 per hour before 6 pm and $7 per entry after …

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Highlights of the Forum on the Elected Presidency

Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s intention to contest in the next Presidential Elections (PE) on Friday morning (11 March) was but a curtain-raiser for what is set to be a long drawn battle for the office of the Elected Presidency. The next Presidential Election will only be due by 26 August 2017. The incumbent President, Tony Tan Keng Yam, will still …

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