The ONLY chart you need to make a decision on the new 4G plans

With the entry of the new kids on the block, consumers have a lot to gain.

In a matter of hours since the potential fourth telco, MyRepublic, first released it’s plans to gift customers Unlimited Data for a mere $60 and 2GB for $6Singtel responded with a slash in prices of it’s own through the DataX2.

The other two telcos – StarHub and M1 – followed suit not too long after also. As of now, MyRepublic still awaits for the rights to become Singapore’s fourth telco. However, that clearly hasn’t prevented panic among the other 3 telcos, as evidenced by the quick response. It really makes one wonder how much the three existing Telcos have shortchanged consumers.

Here we have compiled a comparison of the 4 Telcos and their newly launched plans for the 4G Network. This Chart is designed to help you reach a decision on which plan to subscribe to. If you are keen, you may also wish to head down to the IT Fair this weekend where the 3 Telcos will be launching their new 4G plans.