Daily Archives: 2016-03-04

SDP: Mr Lim’s contradiction of Minister’s statement, a serious matter

In a press release issued today by the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), penned by its Secretary-General, Dr Chee Soon Juan Committee, the party points out the discrepancy in accounts provided by Acting Minister for Education Ng Chee Meng and Benjamin Lim’s family regarding the telephone call between the school and Benjamin’s mother and highlights the seriousness of the matter. Below is the …

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The limitations of Fresh Start

By Vivienne Wee and Jolene Tan Poverty and housing have recently come into focus in the news.  The Fresh Start Housing Scheme, touted as addressing housing affordability, is intended to help former flat owners living in public rental flats transition back to HDB ownership.  Beneficiaries are to obtain grants, concessionary loans and shorter leases – but only if they meet …

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Art and Politics: The Necessary Stage and Drama Box’s Manifesto

By Kirsten Han Walking into The Necessary Stage’s (TNS) black box, I’m faced with a flurry of activity even though I was told that it would be the lunch break. The crew are working on the set and the lights, and the actors are trickling in, getting into their costumes and rehearsing lines. Alvin Tan, TNS’ artistic director, and Kok …

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GRC & NCMP – Not such a flaw after all

By Kenji Ong I refer to the opinion dated Feb 27, 2016 by Maurice de Vaz titled “GRC System – A flaw in our politics”. Group Representative Constituency (GRC) Scheme First of all, I think that although it is almost universally recognized that the People’s Action Party (PAP) has in fact gerrymandered the GRCs to their advantage at every election, …

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