TNP apologises to former-editor of TRS over defamatory statements

The New Paper (TNP), Singapore’s tabloid newspaper has apologised to the former editor of now-defunct social media website, The Real Singapore, Mr Robin Yang for publishing an article that contained statements which are defamatory.

TNP wrote in its apology published on its own newspaper, “In the March 4, 2015 issue of The New Paper, we published an article titled “They own posh unit, says S’porean student”. Mr Robin Yang Kaiheng has informed us that he regards as defamatory, some of the statements in the article that could be understood to mean that he is of dishonest character and/or conducts his business dealings in a manner that lacks probity.

We apologise for any embarrassment or distress caused by the publication of the statements.”

A photo of the apology was posted on Facebook by Takagi Ramen Stall on its Facebook page. Ai Takagi, one of the editors of TRS runs the ramen stall.


The post wrote, “The article is completely unfounded and was deliberately fabricated to tarnish his reputation.” and said that they have no knowledge of the student claimed by TNP.

In the article by TNP, it was alleged that a Singaporean student hired a private investigator to track Mr Yang due to an alleged business dispute. TNP then reported based on the student’s account that Mr Yang took money from his sister for a business investment and started avoiding the sister after a fallout.

The post further states that the three publications of the Singapore Press Holdings, TNP, AsiaOne and STOMP have admitted to fabricating false information in their article on Mr Yang.

It is said that SPH has given an undisclosed sum of money to Mr Yang as out of court settlement fee.