Daily Archives: 2016-02-18

4th telco likely to spur innovation and competition: IDA

The Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) has confirmed plans to introduce a fourth telco in Singapore. It is seeking to facilitate the entry of a new mobile network operator (MNO) to “enhance innovation and competition in the mobile market” and it is confident that a fourth telco is likely to increase innovation and spur competition. The entry of a new MNO… …

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MOF: Unfair to expect the suppliers to agree to unlimited changes

Ministry of Finance (MOF) agrees that it is unfair to expect the suppliers to agree to unlimited changes in creative services. The ministry had issued a statement through its Facebook page on Wednesday evening in response to the recent saga about the “unlimited changes” tender published in GeBiz. On 15 February, Kelly Cheng, a designer, posted a Facebook post of …

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Hedging in Wonderland: The politics of persuading the PAP

Thio Shen Yi’s write-up in the law gazette contains so much hedging, I almost thought I was Carlton in Wonderland for a moment. Still, he’s not wrong. For a small country our government is one slow (to put it nicely) creature. Overplay your hand and you get ignored. Play nice and maybe you’ll get something done. Play too nice and you …

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Unlimited revisions: Old problem, new disguise, easy solutions

Designers do not pluck ideas out of thin air and they should not have to work for free. That much has been established over the past few days as indignation poured forth over a tender document that repeatedly demanded unlimited changes. But the practice of asking for unlimited changes is not new, and neither is the equivalent practice of designers …

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