Daily Archives: 2016-02-17

Review on system not just about Benjamin’s death: Law Society’s president

In the February issue of the Singapore Law Gazette, the Law Society’s president, Thio Shen Yi argued for better protection of suspects, especially minors, by granting them early access to counsel. Benjamin Lim is a 14-year-old boy who jumped to his death following a two-hour police interview. His mother’s request to be present during the interview was denied. Explaining why …

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Cats of Singapore, rejoice!

By Law Kim Hwee One Mr Eddy Yap made a sharp, if heartbreaking, observation in my last post, “Benjamin’s Death: Out Of The Mouth of Ministers….“. He wrote, “Cats lives are more important than human lives, that is what I can see till now! As you can see they emphasized on Cats Killers, and comes to Kid Jump to death …

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