Valentine’s day song for everyone, “My Bank Account”

Valentine’s day, where couples reaffirm their love for one another through presenting gifts and special romantic dinner settings that are ridiculously priced due to the demand on this special day.

Loving boyfriends and husbands might find it hard to fork out that extra bit of cash these days due to the bad economy market that Singapore is experiencing. (2.1% growth in 2015 Q4 and 0.1% in Q3)

The fear of losing the affection or to incur the wrath of their loved one continues to loom upon them as the V-day approaches in two days’ time.

However, if anyone wants to hint to their special someone that their pocket is empty, worry no more.

Yu Tianlong, a Hakka song artist based in Sabah has just released his song, “My Bank Account”,  a parody of a song of Singaporean singer, JJ Lin, describing the financial difficulties of a boyfriend/husband to provide a present or a surprise on Valentine’s day.

The lyrics are simple and blunt to the point, and the background dancers are simply hilarious. But Yu’s great vocal and the music arrangement make this far from being an amateur production.

Loving girlfriends and wives who never cared about material gifts and special surprises would find this video a good share or hint to their boyfriend or husband that they do not really care about those but to treasure who they have beside them on the day of lovers.

As the video points at the end, 14 February is only a day out of the 365 days in a year. How much he or she loves you is not determined by this day alone.