Daily Archives: 2016-02-11

COI needs to be held to determine level of accountability of police and school

The content below is a letter sent to TOC for publication By Tan Hua Lim Reading the responses to the tragic demise of Benjamin, one cannot help but conclude that North View Secondary School (NVSS)’s abdication of responsibility and police’s vague protocols had, in no small measure, been a significant factor in causing the death of 14-year-old Benjamin Lim. Benjamin’s school, …

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How on earth can a plate of Nasi lemak be priced at $20.40?

A ridiculously priced “mixed rice” goes somewhat viral on social media and gets reported on social-political websites. Adeline Sze was charged $20.40 for a plate of what seems to be “economical mixed rice” at the Food Republic, Vivocity on 8 February, the first day of Lunar New Year. Her friend, Patrick Tan felt that it was unfair for her and …

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Benjamin’s death: Out of The mouth of ministers

By Law Kim Hwee Out of the same mouth of the PAP cabinet- eerie silence and empty words. As a father of two sons and a daughter, I have had the good fortune of seeing and watching all three grow and blossom in their own special ways – and live – past their tender teen age of 14. I can’t say …

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