Hazard lights instead of hazardous driving

Earlier this week, a video showcasing the Japanese driver etiquette of flashing the hazard lights after cutting into a lane was circulating on social media. The practice was described as a means for the driver to say thank you to the car behind which had allowed the space for the cutting in.

On Monday, a video was shared on Facebook showing a local incident where a lorry cut into the lane and flashed the hazard lights in a similar fashion. The driver who caught this on video was appreciative of this gesture and congratulated the lorry driver for his gracious attitude in the accompanying note to the video he shared.

In a week of tragedy leading to hard questions on Police procedure, the positive attitude of the lorry driver as well as the driver who caught it all on video gives a small ray of sunshine that things could be better. It’s a great way to make someone’s day as well as perk yourself up with a good deed – perhaps this is one foreign import that we can all get behind!