Daily Archives: 2016-02-04

Dr Daniel Goh officially declared as 3rd NCMP in parliament

Dr Daniel Goh Pei Siong has been officially declared the candidate elected as the 3rd Non-constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP) by the Returning Officer from the Elections Department (ELD) on Thursday. The NCMP scheme guarantees up to nine opposition candidates to enter the parliament as NCMPs. As the General Election 2015 had six opposition Members of Parliament (MPs), the top …

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Open letter from Benjamin’s family to clarify what transpired on 26 January

The family members of 14-year-old Benjamin Lim have passed an open letter to The Online Citizen to be published, hoping that it can clarify and provide certain information on the chain of events leading to their son’s death on 26 January (Tuesday). The family also thanks everyone who have came forward to show their support to Benjamin. They have created …

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How many of the 4 in 10 job vacancies went to foreign PMETs?

By Richard Wan In a press release yesterday (3 Feb) [Link], MOM assured the public that despite job vacancies declined over the year, 4 in 10 job vacancies were found to be for PMETs. “Openings remained available for all occupations, with service & sales workers, professionals and associate professionals & technicians most sought after,” it said. The number of job …

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Hazard lights instead of hazardous driving

Earlier this week, a video showcasing the Japanese driver etiquette of flashing the hazard lights after cutting into a lane was circulating on social media. The practice was described as a means for the driver to say thank you to the car behind which had allowed the space for the cutting in. On Monday, a video was shared on Facebook …

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