GrabCar driver declines taxi fare from family and gave it as “ang bao” to sick child

A couple expressed their gratitude towards a Grabcar driver for his care and concern for their son when they had to book a taxi to rush their sick son to the hospital on Tuesday.

Mr Mohamed Shahreza had shared on his Facebook account on how he and his wife had booked a taxi through the taxi booking application to drive them from their unit in Yishun to the KK women & children hospital as their son developed a high fever on Tuesday morning.

When the taxi reached the hospital, the driver quickly opened the door for the couple and the sick son. But what surprised the two was that the driver declined to take the taxi fare.

The couple insisted that the driver should accept the cab fare as he is making a living, and the two could afford the fare themselves. However, the driver still declined to accept the fare no matter how the couple insisted.

The driver said “Treat this as an angbao for your baby, and may he get well soon with great health.” before leaving the couple.

Mr Mohamed Shahreza said, “At this point, We were speechless and couldn’t thank him more.” and added that they seriously felt crying from the driver’s words.

He said, “We were so touched by his care and concern about our son throughout the journey. We’re really grateful for his high sense of morality”

Speaking through TOC to the GrabCar driver, “Myself, My wife and family would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to Mr David Ang for his sincere gesture, and I hope all of us as Singaporean can learn from this episode that the act of giving should start from our good-self, despite our intense and busy lifestyle”


If you see this Grabtaxi driver, David Ang, do give a pat on his back for brightening the world with his act of kindness.