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Changes to NCMP a small price for a bigger fish

By Chris Kuan On Wednesday, 27 January 2016, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced that the Constitution will be amended for the minimum number of opposition members will be increased from the current 9 to 12 at the next general election and for Non-Constituency Members of Parliament (NCMPs) to have the same voting rights as Members of Parliament (MPs). However, …

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SAYONI: Vicious cycle of pretence on discrimination of LGBTQ in Singapore

SAYONI, a local non-government organisation, remarked that the Singapore government has not shown a willingness to address the daily discrimination and violence against LGBTQ persons perpetuated and justified by state mechanisms and policies as seen in the recent Universal Periodic Review (UPR). Singapore went through its second cycle of  its UPR in Geneva on Wednesday (27 January). Under the United Nation Human …

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HOME responds to Singapore’s claim of happy migrant workers at UPR

By Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME) A delegation of Singapore government officials arrived in Geneva this week to participate in the Universal Periodic Review, a human rights reporting process under the United Nations (UN) which all member countries are required to undergo once every five years. This was Singapore’s second report to the UN. HOME wrote a response and …

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Singapore civil society responds to Universal Periodic Review

Note: The writer is a member of We Believe in Second Chances, an anti-death penalty group that is part of the Alliance of Like-Minded Civil Society Organisations in Singapore (ALMOS). The human rights struggles we see in films are often epic, emotional and inspirational; triumphant tales of the human spirit prevailing over cruelty, anger and hate. These stories have is …

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99.7% of jobs created in 2015 went to foreigners

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) released its preliminary report on Thursday, announcing an increase of 31,800 or 0.9% jobs created in 2015, the lowest year-on-year growth since 2003. Out of the 31,800 jobs created, only 100 or 0.3% were taken up by Singaporeans and PR with the rest by foreign workers and domestic workers. MOM attributed the poor growth in jobs to …

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