#KamiTidakTakut shows solidarity of Indonesians in face of deadly bomb attacks

#KamiTidakTakut (We’re not afraid) is now trending on social media platform Twitter in Jarkata to show that Indonesians are not intimidated by the bomb attacks in the Indonesian capital as they shared news and well-wishes about the incident.

Earlier on, six explosions were reported around Sarinah shopping mall in Jakarta, Indonesia on Thursday afternoon. Five attackers and two other people confirmed dead from the incident with police stating they have taken control of the area.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo had urged his people to remain calm. “Our nation and our people should not be afraid, we will not be defeated by these acts of terror,” he said, in comments broadcast by MetroTV.

Using the hashtag, Indonesians denounced the attacks with their words as they expressed their feelings of the attacks.

A few posts stood out from the rest, such as one which circulating on social media, showing an elderly man setting up a satay stall just 100 metres away from where the attacks took place. Another man is also shown selling peanuts at where the incident took place. Some say fearless, but one can also say these men have shrewd business instincts.