Daily Archives: 2016-01-11

The Two Kirstens: Han interviews Tan

Some time in late 2008 or 2009 I printed a copy of my student film on to a tape, put it in a bubble wrap-lined envelope and sent it from New Zealand all the way back home to Singapore for consideration at the Singapore International Film Festival. My film was terrible and naturally wasn’t accepted into the short film competition …

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The train station and the high school girl: what’s the truth?

It was a little story about Japan Railway keeping a tiny station in a remote part of Hokkaido open for three years just so that one high school girl can get to school and back. Unsurprisingly, the report, posted by Chinese broadcaster CCTV on its Facebook page, went viral. People were delighted, in this day of business efficiency and ruthless …

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Regulating the electronic puff

By SY, Offbeat Perspectives Some say that it is a healthier alternative in comparison to your atypical rolled cigarettes, that it can possibly help one to quit smoking for good (google “e-cigs help” and there’s a whole list of testimonials and so-called research claims ascertaining that). Others say that the trend has brought about more harm to society, it being …

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SkillsFuture Credit scheme may end up a disappointment

By Richard Wan It was reported on ST yesterday (10 Jan) that DPM Tharman launched the first of series of roadshows to publicise the government’s latest scheme – the $1 billion SkillsFuture Credit scheme. Whether it is someone new to the job market, a homemaker wanting to get back to work or a retiree looking to stay active, the SkillsFuture …

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