Lta seeks public’s input on color scheme for public buses under new BCM

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is asking for members of the public to vote for the color scheme of public buses under the new Bus Contracting Model (‪‎BCM‬).

The transition of buses into the new model will take place in the second half of 2016.

Under the BCM, the government will own all bus assets. It is said that the BCM will enable the Government to make public bus services more responsive to changes in ridership and commuter needs. The new model will also inject more competition into the industry, leading to higher service levels for commuters over time.

The transition into the new BCM will also see that all public buses bear a common exterior colour scheme.

Members of public are invited to select from two colours – bright red or lush green for the colour scheme that the public buses will don in the future. LTA states in its press release that the livery will create a unified and distinctive identity for the Singapore Bus.

To help the public on visualising how these buses will look like, 20 buses will be painted in the two colours and deployed during the voting period of 8 January to 5 February.

The buses will also sport a new distinct logo that features the word ‘SG Bus’ with an embedded stylised heart. The logo will be gradually extended to other buses as Government-owned buses replace existing operator-owned ones.

For those who wish to participate in this voting exercise, visit to vote or; SMS to 76677 in this format: LTA Vote Choice NRIC Name

Fifty lucky voters stand to a chance win a $50 shopping voucher in a lucky draw.